About Me

Hi my name is Cassina and I am 18, like many I have a strong love for music but am mostly interested in underground/ slept on artists who create unique sub-genres within the larger umbrella genres of R&b/Hip hop, Afro and Soul. Though I also like to go out of my comfort-zone and search for genres/styles I wouldn’t normally listen to, like alternative, Electro and Jazz; whatever it is I’m here for the art.

I decided to share my music taste in this blog because it never stands still, it continues to evolve through the months and years, and often as consumers we tend to struggle to find new music through different mediums and get lazy in searching the depths of Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud. After some time of frequently being asked what was it I was listening to by friends and family, I thought why not create Consumusic to help the consumer (yes you) renew and find new tunes.

Growing up I was always surrounded by music and know that whatever genres/styles you enjoy it is always food for the soul. So in this consumerist society we live in, I say keep consuming music, at least you know it’s good for you. 

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