Brent Faiyaz

About the artist:

Brent is a relatively new r&b/Soul artist, with a smooth but gritty voice. The Maryland born singer has three incredible EPs ‘A.M Paradox’, ‘Sonder Son’ and ‘Lost’ each which show his growth into one the most underrated top r&b artists today. His songs carry deep meaning that intertwine his outlook on society with personal experiences on loss, relationships and suicide; his voice powerfully carries all these emotive themes . Brent’s sound is deeply influenced by golden-age 90s r&b, an example of this are features of short conversations at the end his songs. A trait typical in 90s in r&b/hip hop songs. Nevertheless, we receive an evolved modern sound from him with a characteristic strong bass layered with the soft strings of guitar,  he never fails to impress new listeners.

All that glitters ain’t gold and all that shines bright ain’t a diamond and all that wrinkles isn’t old” ~ Brent Faiyaz First World Problemz/ Nobody Cares


New releases:

‘Around Me’ is the first visual of the new EP ‘Lost’ which perfectly captures the tone of the song. Brent expresses feelings of hurt and betrayal as a cause of close people in his life leaving him at peaks in his career, despite this he continues to grind and make his creative path concrete without the support of significant others


I could listen to Brent all day, and if I had to choose a favourite song I probably couldn’t, but I have whittled it down to these few songs as they’re always on repeat. 







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