Weekly Vibes

New finds:

The second instalment of weekly vibes, this week’s mix is a collection of mostly chilled out songs. 


The Montreal DJ KAYTRANADA has been steadily producing future atmospheric beats year on year. His latest EP ‘NOTHING LIKE U/CHANCES’ continues to add flavour to his musical collection

Manga – Mayra Andrade

For anyone who knows me, will know I love learning languages, therefore my music taste has no borders, so to speak.  The Cape Verdean portuguese singer Mayra Andrade definitely delivers with her soft vocals in ‘Manga’. Her musical style is a modern interpretation of the traditional Morna music of Cape Verde.

Meditate – EARTHGANG 

‘Meditate’ is one of those impactful songs about race relations in America. It puts me in the mind of Joyner Lucas’ ‘I’m Not Racist’, but is brushed with EARTHGANG’s signature free-flowing vibe, which gives the message a different edge. 


Trouble on central – Buddy

I discovered Buddy on his Tiny Desk concert and ‘Trouble on central’ was my favourite song of his performance. This is really a nostalgic feel good song accompanied by an old school funk beat. 

Seinabo Sey – Truth 

COLORS always seems to introduce me to great artists, and Seinabo Sey is one of them. ‘Truth’ is an intimate ballad that shines light on Seinabo’s beautiful earthy vocals.


Happy listening! Image result for star emojis

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