World: French Hip Hop/Trap/Afro


Recently I’ve been listening to more French hip hop/trap/Afro and have been loving it! Imported by the USA with an African flavour, it always gets me hyped and in a lit mood. Here are a few special artists.



Niska always goes hard and his flow is straight fire. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics (yet), I understand the feeling and emotion in his songs, which makes him one of my favourite French rappers at the moment. 


I was introduced to this whole genre of French Hip hop/trap/afro by listening to Dadju, his  tunes have a dynamic edge, with his smooth voice, and subtle Afro vibe, all in all his sound is very well crafted.


MHD is the father of the Afro-trap sub-genre, he draws heavily on his Senegalese and Guinean roots and is a fast rising French rapper. He is mostly known for his freestyle raps ‘Afro Trap pt..’ on youtube.

Aya Nakamura

Aya Nakamura has a beautiful voice and her music is more on the Afro-beat r&b side. The Malian French singer is a fierce force of change and continues empowering women through her music


For more French hip hop/trap/rap listen to my playlist World zone: French Hip Hop/Trap/Afro


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