A collection of female artists in the grey space of alternative r&b with chill, intergalatic and soul vibes. This genre of music shows the future variations of r&b, and its a promising future. 


ABRA is a talented singer and producer, her music doesn’t fit into one category, though if I were to describe her sound it is celestial, emotional and otherwordly a mix of synth pop and alternative r&b. ABRA also known as the darkwaveduchess has an array of EPs I frequently listen to, from her first self produced album BLQ VELVET to ROSE and her last album PRINCESS, all of which take you away from reality. I recommend listening to her loud on speakers or headphones to hear all the elements of her music.



Whenever I listen to Kelela I often feel transported to another realm, her smooth voice over beats that you can both chill to and dance to is what I love about the serene singer. Her 2017 album ‘Take me apart’ has strong presence in the electronic music world though still retains r&b features, through the abundance of emotion expressed in lyrics. 


Sudan Archives 

Sudan Archives is a vocalist and violinist who works effortlessly with the acoustic violin and more digital intsruments to produce a harmonius sound. Influenced by the Sudanese fiddle, her music folds in elements of r&b and electronic music. She is still crafting her art, but this avant-garde underground artist will soon rise.



Syd is the lead singer of the band The internet but also has a few solo projects which explore her audio engineering genius, showing off the depths of her soft slender voice. Both her solo projects Fin and Always Never Home are contempary r&b masterpieces.



Nao is another innovative artist whose style can be interpreted in different categories including soul, electronic, funk and r&b. The East London singer/songwriter and producer has a a rich vocal range with energetic and mellow songs.



For more tunes like these follow my playlist Celestial zone on Spotify



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  1. S says:

    Kelela is v underated but you’re sleeping on FKA twigs her production choices are cutting edge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cassina says:

      FKA twigs is another gem, but it’s been a while since she has released new music, she need to drop another album, will feature her in a later blog post though.


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