Weekly Vibes

It’s that time of the week again, tune in to my weekly vibes, including new releases and new finds from a range of genres and moods.

Selfish – Little Simz ft Cleo Sol

This song collab with Little Simz and Cleo Sol is a breath of fresh air, Simz’s smooth flow and piano riffs accompanied by Cleo’s soft vocals makes for an amazing mellow tune on her upcoming album ‘GREY Area’.

1991 wildfire – BROCKHAMPTON

Brockhampton are your non-conventional hip-hop boy band, the musical collective always produce fire tunes and ‘1991 wildfire’ captures their hype, weird, and catchy vibe.


Karma – Lucky Daye

‘Karma’ has got to be my feel good song of the week, with hints of the beat used in Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ gives the song a smooth soulful vibe. Lucky Daye has definitely scored with this track.

Sauce – Dawn

Dawn’s ‘Sauce’ is an atmospheric tune which transports you a different realm emotionally. She drips smooth and chill vibes all over ‘Sauce’, mesmerising listeners all around.


With the video release of ‘BLACKJACK’, Aminé delivers with his humour and comedy again, featuring his crew in the funny high school themed video. Not to mention, the song is fire too.

Silent Ride – Boogie

Boogie has been on the come up for a while now and with the release of his new album ‘Everything For Sale’ he gives us a cold dose of reality on ‘Silent Ride’.

Nova Lisboa – Dino D’Santiago

Following on from last week, we have another Cape Verdean/Portuguese tune, this time from Dino D’Santiago who again blends traditional and modern elements of the Portuguese speaking world.


Show you the way-Thundercat

Just to finish off thought I’d throw in a bit of Thundercat, this old school funk soul artist makes smooth chill songs from the past,present and future.


Happy listening, check out my updated playlists here.


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