Joey Bada$$


Joey Bada$$ is another underrated rap artist, I was introduced to him through the freestyle raps he used to do on ‘Sway in the morning’ and ‘Hot 97’, and from then on I saw his true talent. As a restless advocate for social change, and he always conveys strong sentiments through his music. The album ‘All -Amerikkkan Badass ‘ is a powerful impacting body of art; as the Joey says himself the album is like ‘vegetables’ good for you, even though sometimes hard to swallow. I await his new project with Pro Era (another hip hop collective) which I hope comes soon.


‘Land of the free’ in my opinion is Joey’s highlight song, dare I say a masterpiece. His bars go hard and run deep, these lyrics aren’t to be slept on. He channels his social and political knowledge of the state of America with drops of needed wisdom. I believe music is there for entertainment but is also to educate, and that’s what ‘Land of the Free’ does.


Joey Bada$$ has a grasp of the old school hip hop vibe with a conscious spin in his music, these are a couple of songs including features which I play on repeat with a mix of upbeat to more contemplative raps.


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