Weekly Vibes 4

More of my weekly vibes, this week we have a true mix across an array of genres and times. 

BEAMLIGHT – Jay Prince

We start off with the new and fresh. Jay Prince is an East London hip hop artist with a smooth flow, his new song ‘BEAMLIGHT’ off the album WONDER was released early this year and is a hard-hitting encompassing tune. The vibe is chill yet upbeat, I recommend listening to this song with minimal background noise and on quality speakers before a night motive or to just vibe to.

Put it on – Big L

Taking it back to the mid 90s, ‘Put it on’ is classic hip hop track. Big L’s flow is creative and effortless at the same time. This track was referenced in my music sampling post and puts me in a good frame of mind. If you are going about your daily activities running errands ect, this song will help the time go by quicker as it’s light and fun.

It’s all good – Slakah the Beatchild

Going back to soulful sounds, ‘It’s all good’ has all the elements of a quality soul song, with depth, wisdom and a general uplifting feel to it, it is timeless to me. The track is composed beautifully, I practice a little self-care when listening to this song.

Got Muscle – Goldlink

‘Got Muscle’ is one of Goldlink’s fire tunes especially with Peewee Longway’s feature. It is a bouncy hype tune, one to get lit to as well.

Woman – Teckno

Teckno, blesses again with the soft afrobeat song ‘Woman’ which challenges the common older gender expectations put on women in West African society, it is a good mood song with gentle empowering lyrics. 

Pure – Blue Six

I was introduced to Blue Six by a friend and with it, introduced to the genre of unique deep house fusion of chill, soul and underground electronic. ‘Pure’ is a smooth mellow tune that clears the mind and opens the gate to free thinking, with the low lights or in a natural atmosphere this song is best experienced.

Utrus Horas – Orchestra Baobab

Throwing in another world tune, the Senegalese Orchestra Baobab draws on Cuban rythms in ‘Utrus Horas’, influences from jazz to traditional African beats can be heard in this song. This 80s track makes me feel at home, and the true art of music composition is displayed. I recommend listening to this song when in a reflective mood and enjoy the soft melodies.




Happy listening



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