A mood: Afro chill

Looking through my music playlists, I have realised that I listen to a lot of chill mood music; however they vary in style and genre and each category has a different chill vibe that essentially help you to relax, focus and wonder at any given moment. I want to walk you through these categories, the first being Afro chill. In earlier blog posts I mention artists like Santi, Odunsi (the Engine), Nonso Amadi who make up the genre of ‘Alté Cruise’ a contemporary afro fusion style. Songs that remind me of the urban millennial experience as seekers of vision, culture and wanting to figure out how to thrive as individuals without following rules and structures. I will be making playlists for each of my moods, so stay tuned in a couple of blog posts. Onto setting the mood…


piece of music sung or played, open air,

typically by a man at night,

under the window of his beloved

Shoutout to ma Alté girls and ma Alté boys
They luh the boy and they luh the sound
Round of a club so I’m not around

I’m a fool for you

When your love doesn’t live forever,

through desire we live forever,

we are dreamers we live forever,

through this passion we live forever

I know you like dirty dancing

Girl you are the one for me


Many bloodshed inna days to come,

she gotta leave town no papers,

whole squad on a rise,

me just wan dagger with the right one

Make room for head space and continue enjoy the vibes of Afro chill here.


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