The overlooked power of Instrumentals

Just scrolling through a list of my saved songs on Spotify, I realised I have quite a few jazzy instrumentals that I enjoy listening to. For those who find that instrumentals help free thought or prefer background music, I’m here to share some songs which are full of substance without the overlay of lyrics. Sometimes we think of instrumentals being incomplete; however a good instrumental does not feel like there is a piece missing when there is no singing involved.

Valdez off Crenshaw – Terrace Martin

Terrace Martin is a talented musician and producer who creatively synthesizes jazz with r&b, this musical mix is displayed in ‘Valdez off Crenshaw’ all elements round-up to make a full sound, that gives feel good vibes.

Lovely – Rascal


I could listen to this tune over and over and have done so in the past, Rascal is a German producer who has worked with R&B and hip hop artists like Chance the Rapper and Goldlink. The complimentary piano among other instruments in this song are smoothed out over a heavier bass which adds to the deep soulful sound, which I recommend listening to at high volume. 

Sunday Vibes – Masego

‘Sunday Vibes’ showcases Masego’s musical talent as a saxophonist not only just a singer, the chilled out jazz composition has a soothing effect on the ears and with most of his music is a feel good type song.

Isadora – Christian Scott aTunde Adujah

‘Isadora’ is the ideal type of chill jazz song, music that relaxes the mind and allows you to tune into the things at hand, would recommend this as a good study song or if you just want to be calm and content enjoy the soothing instrumental. 


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