A mood: R&b Day time chill

Let me take you on a journey through my mind

With mix of my daytime fav chill R&b tunes,  I like to listen to when I have a short break in my day, the smooth vocals and deep beats create a frequency to vibrate to, and chill for a moment.

Short story – mind mapping with music:

Open yourself up to be filled with warmth, let it flow and pulse through your veins. Eyes closed you can’t seem to catch a break, holding on to the weight, stressing for what, let it go, think about nothing.

These moments are for you and you alone.

Tap your feet to the rhythm and feel free, struggling to manifest as you are, let it come to you , your thoughts wander like a river, the water doesn’t know where its going but the land does. Let your thoughts find you and you’ll find the way. Oh, how you progress, when you slow down.

You underestimated the power of losing control.

It wasn’t senseless but comforting. You turn off the music and switch on again, back to reality. You know exactly where you’re headed…

Enjoy this collection of songs and for more, check out my daytime r&b zone playlist on Spotify.





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