Remixes that got it right

Remixes, sometimes they can be hit or miss, although when they’re a hit they almost threaten the existence of the original….or sometimes they’re just on par. Here are some of my fav lowkey remixes mostly found on YouTube or SoundCloud.

Erykah Badu – Drama (Manuel Ricciardi Deep Mix)

Erykah Badu is up there in my top 5 artists, I fall in love with her soulful voice all the time, and when I was recommend this deep house remix of ‘Drama’ I was pleasantly surprised. The beauty of Badu’s voice is not lost but the contemporary beat combines with the song giving you that wistful vibe of walking onto the horizon.

Notorious B.I.G. – Sky is the Limit (Cookin Soul remix)

Recently I’ve listening to more of Cookin Soul a Spanish DJ who does many remixes of hip hop/ soul type songs with a twist. ‘Sky is the Limit’ is my favourite remix of theirs as it captures the classic elements of the song and gives it a smooth makeover.


KAYTRANADA’s earlier remixes are what made him now as genius producer for the alternative r&b cause. ‘I CAN LOVE YOU’ is a jam, with the quality of a whole song in itself, definitely more than just a remix.

Here are some more KAYTRANADA remixes:

Terrified  – Childish Gambino (Zikomo remix)

The remix of ‘Terrified’ by Childish Gambino dare I say is more of a vibe than the original. It is sped up and higher pitched with a feature of the electric guitar, another house infused remix, one tune that was always repeat no matter what the mood is.  


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