Weekly Vibes

Another instalment of my weekly vibes, this week I introduce more new artsists to listen and add to your playlists. All picked from a mix of genres.

Song 32 – Noname

Finally Noname makes a come back with song 32, the Chicago rapper is an underrated gem from the underground who is gaining more and more recognition. Song 32 has that altetnative rnb vibe with Noname’s unique conversational style of rap over it.

Two steps – Shtepi

‘Two Steps’ is a new tune from the new band Shtepi. The group is musically talented and seamlessly overlay the vocals over the instruments. One for those cosy rainy days with a downtempo indie vibe. Also recommend ‘Waste away’ which is another chill day tune with to listen to. This band has a lot more in store.

Innocent Man-Burna boy DJDS

‘Innocent Man’ is different from Burna Boy’s typical afeobeat songs incorporating a hard trap style instead. This song is great for maxing out in the gym, and goes to show that Burna Boy has definitely risen in recent years showing great musical versatility.

Consensual seduction – Mick Jenkins

‘Consensual seduction’ is a song that has grown on me these past few weeks, oozing with slow mellow vibes with Mick jenkins’ smooth voice gliding over the track, defintely one rap song to chill to.


This song is one of my fav tunes to unwind to, Kari Faux’s voice has a chill tone to it accompanied by an atmospheric beat featuring the soothing violin and steady drums. Kari faux is a new riding artist with her recent album

Jesus walks – Kanye West

Following on from Kanye’s church videos circulating the internet as of late, the choir reminded me of ‘Jesus Walks’ from the ‘College dropout’ album which I hadn’t listened to in years but no doubt one of Kanye’s better moments in history that showcased his genius, rip to the ‘old kanye’, we are wating for his comeback

A lot – 21 Savage ft J Cole

Although I usually write about upcoming/ seasoned artists who are still underrated, I thought I would include a more popular 21 Savage, ‘A lot’ has an lyrical and visual depth to it, despite the repition of ‘a lot’ , it is a truthul acount on Savage’s come up and shows some insight in his change in societal perspective.


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