A mood: Study zone

Music for studying is very important to get right, despite the numerous studies that say that music is no benefit when studying, I have to strongly disagree. But, in saying that, you need to listen to the right type of music to be in the mindset to carry out productive work, as loud, fast music can be too much of a distraction. Research will show that frequencies in sounds stimulate different parts of the brain and can put you in a mode of concentration when working. Mostly, I listen to songs with less lyrics and more instruments to focus or if so, the lyrics are steady and low. As a student, I have found recommended related study music to be rather boring and bland to listen to, but recently I stumbled across Lo-fi hip hop, chill-hop and lounge music. These genres provide good calming songs that fade into the background and still provide you with a good listening experience.

Jinsang – Affection

Blue Six – Music and Wine remix

Tomppabeats – Monday loop

Cookin Soul -Notalive

Recommended Spotify playlist here Happy listening


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