Weekly vibes

We are back again with another weekly vibes, this week’s weekly has an array of sounds from the past, present and future all that curate a timeless vibe.

Jungle – Casio

Don’t think that my love is gone
It’s all up in your head now

‘Casio’ has a 80s feel good vibe to it showing good sound never dies, the fluidity of this song puts a smile on your face and body. The smooth in the song is expressed in the video, with dancers that amplify every beat on the track, its a gem that found its way into 2019.

Maluco – Sango

Don’t you know you drive me crazy

This song got lost in depths of my playlists and I only rediscovered it on a recent bike trip with a friend. I feel like its a song for the summer, one for blaring out loud in the speakers, and for me the lyrical repetition doesn’t get boring it only intensifies the tune. Sango infuses this dance track with a hint a Brazilian funk as the meaning of the song title translates to ‘Madman’ in Portuguese.

Dumebi – rema

Eh dumebi dumebi
Paragaran gi che chuan

‘Dumebi’ is another fire afro chill tune from new artist Rema who has just entered the scene, gaining musical recognition with this banger, this tune has definitely seasoned up my summer already.

EarFquake – Tyler the Creator

Cause you make my earth quake

Ridin around, your love is shaking me up,

And itsmaking my heart break

‘EARFQUAKE’ is the highlight song off of Tyler’s new album IGOR. ‘EARFQUAKE’ really shows off Tyler’s alternative sound in a cohesive rounded way, he has been away for a while perfectly crafting his personality in with his sound.

Up late(shea butter baby album)- Ari Lennox

‘Up late’ is such a natural relaxing tune, which makes me want close my eyes and meditate on the momentary aspects of life that make us happy. Ari’s smooth bellows are like no other and her album ‘Shea butter baby’ encompasses this whole smooth slow soul vibe.

Gimme the light – kallitechnis

Oh how I want to be

Part of your entity

Why don’t you share it with me baby?

The moment I heard this song I knew it would be on would be repeat. This is the first I’ve heard of Kallitechnis and I will be listening to her much more. ‘Gimme the light’ is a sweet soul song which, that gives me that same satisfactory feeling after eating a good meal.

Never leave me in the summer – Stevie wonder

This song is blast from the past, made long before I was born, but because I’m an old soul at heart, I have to appreciate the great sounds from the past. This ballad is like a cry from a broken heart that grows on strength, one thing I love is that you can hear the raw truth through Stevie Wonder’s voice.

Take your time – Pete Rock

Take your time walk the line just a matter of time
Take your time walk the line just a matter of time

From listening to Lo-fi hip hop I found this gem, it has a more down tempo old school hip hop and soul vibe, a blend of rap, sweet melodies and a smooth beat ‘Take your time’ is a song to listen to on midday breaks whether you are in transit or waiting for something to happen just ‘take your time’.

Time – Sebastian Mikael

‘Time’ exudes sweet soul and has an old school soul vibe to it. It is also one song where the video visuals enhance the listening experience, a natural portrayl of a couple


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