Video appreciation post

It’s all about the visuals!! There are some amazing videos out there, pieces of audio-visual art which leave you speechless, in awe and sometimes a little confused. Here are a couple of videos that I was inspired by.

Energy – Sampa the great

This compelling visual, transports the viewer to Sampa’s creative abyss which celebrates the beauty and elegance of black culture and its roots. Watching this video, the main thing that captivates the viewer is the flow, whether it is captured through hand movements, dance moves and water imagery, every element of this visual encapsulates what energy is – it is neither lost or created only maintained. Themes of life and death, femininity and masculinity are explored through the concept of energy. A stand out point about the video is that celebrate female energy but also highlights that it is present in everyone and there is balance between the genders and in all things.

Digital – IDK

This video is one evocative audio visual, besides the fact the beat goes hard, there is an underlying deeper meaning in the song. ‘Digital’ is broadly about police brutality but goes deeper and portrays the lasting implications of getting involved in crime at a young age whilst black ‘I sell the weed I’m doing 5‘ and even though one can reform to ‘good from bad’ there is still a target on your head. In the video, the police in a way wish for you to fall and be put in the system, the young kids and babies playing with guns as if they’re toys only emphasises the fact that as soon as you’re born black you are criminalised. It is rather poignant that the video is shot in black and white maybe to show that division still lies between the races or that the situation is never black or white as its presented to be. The subliminal messages in ‘Digital’ are not only poignant but cause the viewer to think deeper, as the narrative focuses on the realities of those victimised and criminalised.


SEVDALIZA is one of those artists who really pushes the boundaries of her art form, her songs aren’t merely audios but always made complete with the video. Although her work may seem eerie and disturbing, what she captures speaks truth to the human form. ”HUMAN’ is a piece that may leave you intrigued or horrified, the fact that SEVDALIZA juxtaposes what is ‘human’ by performing in an inhuman form reflecting that of a creature, begs the question if humanity is purely physical? Also the way she lures and commands the attention of the male elite crowd causing them to sweat and look in lust and curiosity, is an obscure way to portray the female objectification and power relations between men and women. This may reflect the way in which we idolise popular artists as though they are products to be consumed, society cannot take its eyes of those in the limelight because of this, it is easy to see them in a way that erases their humanity by elevating them to a status that they dis not create or want. However, SEVDALIZA definitely gives her viewers food for thought in this one.

Frontline – Kelela

This final video has a lighter subject but the visuals are really creative, this sims inspired animation clearly follows the song story line as Kelela plays the part of a newly-single woman, hurt by her ex but better for it in the end, hanging with her girls and driving off into the horizon free from the emotional baggage of her last relationship. The animation is futuristic but relates to real life in many ways, aside from that enjoy the sims dance moves at 3:29 they are great!


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