Weekly Vibes

This weekly vibes has an array of fresh finds, to discover and enjoy! A mix of soulful, Afro and alternative hip hop songs you didn’t think you needed but do! A collection of the best of what my playlists looks like at the moment, happy listening.

Sandstrom – Mereba ft JID

Just fight the feeling, it’s all we do

Inside, it’s killing me, baby

Outside I’m cucumber cool

Whenever I listen to this wistful song I feel transported to deep unending place if calm, Mereba’s soft voice compliments the deep tones in JID’s voice, this song is quite beautiful, one for those mellow evenings.

CYANIDE -Daniel Ceaser

Sweet melody, wine up yuh body ‘pon mi

Yuh lovin’ baby girl, you know mi need it, need it

Let me fight for it, mi achieve it, ‘chieve it

With the release of CASE STUDY 01, Daniel has given fans many tunes on the album. ‘CYANIDE’ is a mellow tune which puts allows one to reflect and let your thoughts wonder. The song is intimate and the chorus/ sample gives the song added personality.

Hard Work/ Heart beat pt 2 – Children of Zeus

‘Hard Work’ and ‘Heart beat pt 2’ are soulful chill jams with an alternative rnb sound. Children of Zeus, a Manchester duo have such a quality sound to them and are still very underrated. Both songs have a different vibe to their older works with more singing than rapping, and an old school reggae vibe, subtle but sweet.

‘Hard Work’ is a touching depiction of real life, love and family, displaying the casual ups and downs of ordinary life and the social
‘Hear Beat pt 2’ is a beautiful serenade, with so much soul packed into the song it still remains light and chill.

Self Love – Dreamville (ari Lennox, Bas, Baby Rose)

Self love is the best love

See your love is the worst drug

J Cole’s ability to gather creative artists and have them produce a whole album together under his label needs to be applauded because there are serious bangers on this album. ‘Self Love’ is one of my favourites, with sultry soulful sound and Ari on the vocals, we love it!

Tropicana – Show dem Camp ft flash

Oh my baby Tropicana

The way you move your body nice

And you from Ghana

Show Dem Camp are a Nigerian duo with a heavy Afro beat, rap sound, ‘Tropicana’ is a smooth summer banger with a classic vibe to it, this catchy tune will be on repeat coupled with visuals its a bop.

Find Someone Like You – Snoh Aalegra

Baby I, I want this, I want this to last forever

Baby I, I want this, can we make this last forever?

Snoh Aalegra is a favourite of mine, her sound is so unique and soulful, ‘Find someone like you’ is a pure cry of yearning to a lover, you can hear the pain truth and hope in Snoh’s voice, elements she captures so effortlessly in many of her her recent songs such as ‘I Want You Around’.

Waterboy- Tobi Lou

I wanna drip like this (Drip like this)

Oh, they want me in a casket

Can’t kill me, I’m a bad-

I’ve been vibing to this song for a while now, and the video pops as well when the especially when the beat drops at 1:00, it’s fire, lyrical and creative, one to add to the alternative hip hop playlist.

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