Unique gems found underground

This is for the budding artists in their early early stages of development who are crafting their sound. Some may only have a couple songs, a small fan base and/or still crafting their own sound but the seeds are sowing. Here are a couple very new/underground unique artists I’ve been listening to of recent, including some London local talents and others from around the globe, music really knows no limits. Be sure to hop onto these artists now before they blow!



N8tive is a rising rapper hailing from South East London, he’s not your average drill or grime artist, sampling neo soul songs from the likes of Musiq Soulchild and Robert Glasper and blending old school sounds with the new. More so he’s not afraid to rap about topics that aren’t glorified in the mainstream rap world, openly talking about his faith and glance on society, steadily creating his own lane and being authentic about it. Even better he’s blessing fans with new releases july 31st wait on it!

Follow N8tive on Soundcloud ,Spotify and Instagram

Favourite of the EP:

Broski have you ever suffered

My G well never have I, don’t know why these G’s are lying

Glorify the poverty life

lava la rue


Lava La Rue is a unique creator doing it for herself and lifting up other artists to, this West London singer is not only a promising rising talent but also the founder of the NINE8 collective a label created from the bottom up with producers and artists. She has a non-conformist nonchalant vibe and her soft voice carries influences from lo-fi hip hop to neo soul. Sidenote! she has new music on the way for fans.

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Favourite of her works:

Cut the system with stilettos

Make them sing in falsetto

We’ve got blood of the Queens and the Pharaohs

That’s why they put crack in the ghetto

lex one


Lex one is a Miami artist and his latest album ‘Midnight Crisis’ with Lucian White is a soulful hip hop bop. Although Lex One isn’t new in the music industry, he has an underground sound that is only starting to gain recognition. When I first listened to his music I was transported to a modern chill classic zone of quality music. There are many sweet hip hop songs to choose from of his, definitely one to look out at for.

Follow Lex One on Instagram , Spotify and YouTube

Midnight Crisis favourite:

This my song, this my song play it all night

‘mama say I’m showing off


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