What’s special about true artists?

Ever wonder if you are walking on the path you are called to and how to really level up to your own expectations for yourself? Pursuing your dreams involves riding a creative roller coaster in order to make them come alive. If music is sound that feels and something that shapes identity, allow it to be true to you and guide you no matter the taste or genre. The average person might push aside their dreams and end up working a monotonous job far from what they want, but the average person doesn’t truly exist, therefore dream chasing is a possibility for all.

With this thought in mind the music artists that I listen to are far from average, and are the ones you listen to as well. Being an artist is a manifestation of following your dreams because the art can uncover the truest form of your identity; being a consum[usic]er your taste in music can reveal a lot about you. When the music is true it is a medium of speaking to listeners where you just feels whole. From the tone of voice to the beat or the lyrics we connect so deeply to the song and lose ourselves in its beauty.

Ever stopped to wonder why music is so expressive. As listeners or rather consumers on Consumusic we experience the raw essence of the artist, and we’ll always continue to be blown away when one walks uniquely on their path.

For anyone wondering what Consumusic is at its core, it is a platform to showcase the beauty of true music and artistry of underground, slept on and upcoming artists.

Now onto the music

J-Cole – High for Hours:

What good is taking over when we know what you gon’ do, the only real revolution happens right inside of you

‘High for Hours’ is one of J Cole’s hidden lost files on the internet. What makes me appreciate this song even more special is that he raps about topics we have to think on to comprehend; it is a reflective song that really puts socio-political matters into perspective. And the name of ‘High for Hours’ isn’t referring to drugs but the meditative state of deep thinking when you ponder issues in your mind and allow your attention to wonder.

Nothing to me – Snoh Aalegra

Why you always say you ready for me, that ain’t it

When you know you ain’t ready for me, that ain’t it

‘Nothing to me’ is my current tune of the moment, the lyrics are true and honest, what I love is Snoh’s ability to be completely open and vulnerable through her music and take listeners on a journey of her feelings through the topic of love especially in this new album ‘Ugh those feels again’. This video snippet is a whole vibe with her coming up with the hook, we love to see the process!

Adekunle Gold – Kelegbe Megbe (Know your Level)

Rain or shine, money don’t buy charisma, me a just get my vibe oooh

The whole beat of this song transports me back to true state of knowing and happiness with pure vibes and sounds that stem from a time long ago carried down through the ancestors, this Nigerian tune and the visuals really showcase beauty and culture. Know your level!

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