A mood: Lounge Relaxation

With summer coming to an end the feel good chill season is almost over. My Lounge relaxation playlist is for those good moments in the sun, alone time and letting the positivity surround you; reminisce on that event you went to or tune out the noise of the day. With so many things that plague our mental state, good spirits are to be lifted up. Get your herbal tea or whatever is needed to lift you up when energy is low and sink into to the sounds.

Vitality words:

Headphones on I vibee,

Thankful to be alive and living,

Repeated action is more than a routine but a practice of flow, that continuously restores our souls,

Kindness runs deep, deeper than you think, so be kind to yourself,

Get your sleep pattern right, enough for you to feel rested and ready for the days challenges.

It is necessary to disconnect from the virtual to connect back to the people you love, the place that belongs to you and space you command.

What a pleasure it is to do all of these things even just for a little bit, let the music play out and baby enjoy….

For more of the following tunes listen to my Lounge relaxation playlist here

Intentions – Terrace Martin

So please take heed and listen

You deserve a lifestyle

You deserve the finer things

N Side – Steve Lacy

Meet me outside of my palace

Don’t need no approval, girl, you valid

Terrace Martin – With You

I just wanna be together forever with you,


Your heart your mind your body and soul

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