A Mood: Hype chill

Hype chill zone is for songs that mask themselves as mellow tunes but lowkey go hard. These tunes have a lower frequency sound to the hype of the tunes you listen to in the club, that bang better when you’re in the mindset to accomplish everything you set out to do. Whether it be in the car, on the bus or somewhere in transit, hype chill zone is for those moments when you believe in the heat, fire sauce you bring to the table.

Believe words:

All the same but so different in the same breath, ever wonder what hinders you from being different to the rest?

Is it the mask you wear to conform to normality? Take off the disguise it hides who you are,

Step within, step different , step out into your dream.

Let the groundwork set in, nurture your craft, foundations strong and seated in who you are

Begin to expand and extend it to the world.

This deep seated fear of showing the truest part of yourself is a test you need pass, go higher and deeper to choose how you walk in this world. Everyone wants to be seen but hides expecting to be found, waiting for things to just happen… for nothing to happen

Uncover, connect and begin to build empires rooted in collectivity and love, not in power

For more of the following tunes listen to my Hype chill zone playlist here

Blessed – dvtch norris

When it’s dark you let it shine

When it’s dark you let it shine

When it’s dark you let it shine

hey up there – Buddy

Hey up there I’m on my way up
Tell the radio to play us
Blame it on the place I grew up

kurr£ncy – iamddb

Try to bring me down, what’s that? I pray for you
Even showed you ’round town when I need to
I’ll tip off the stage and I mean to

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