Weekly Vibes

Another instalment of Weekly Vibes, we are back and ready, bringing you a mix of old and new underground sounds. Happy listening!

Confessions – Sudan Archives

‘There is a place that I call home

But it’s not where I am welcome’

‘Confessions’ is a beautifully shot video that explores dark yet hopeful themes of duality . Sudan Archives is a talented singer/ violinist, and her violin playing gives the song another dimension adding to the fusion of different genres in her music. She is steadily crafting her unique alternative style, definitely one to watch

Dilemme – Lous and The Yakuza

Si je pouvais je vivrais seule If I could live alone

Loin des problèmes et des dilemmes Away from the problems and dilemmas

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

‘Dilemme’ is a melodic tune in the genre of smooth french rap. Lous tells a well executed visual story which draws you in from the choreography, to the outfits and change of setting, the video speaks volumes. The Congolese/ Belgian artist brings listeners into her inner most thoughts in ‘Dilemme’, is it better to be alone and free of problems and are we just a collection of contradictions? Duality is perfectly expressed in this song.

No cable -idk

My job is this, say truth to make your jawlines drip

So if I get flipped, this message is in all my hits

‘No Cable’ is another lyrically hard-hitting song of IDK. Discussing the modern plight of of race, money and class in the USA. Expectations aside, like it is said in the song ‘we’re all brothers and sisters’.

take me home -lady donli ft benjiflow

Who’s gonna take me home tonight

Don’t mean it sexually, Intellectually

Lady Donli has a unique sound taking strong influences from her Nigerian roots. ‘Take me home’ is a beautiful Afro indie tune I found whilst on Spotify searching the new emerging sub-genres of afrobeats.

ADMIRACAO-Paulinho Moska

My guilty pleasure is Bossa Nova, classic Brazilian music gaining high popularity in the 1960s with a mix of samba and cool jazz. ‘Admiracao’ was an accidental find, a mellow tune that helps keep the mood light and slightly contemplative. Great song to let the time pass by without knowing.

perfect MAtch (Reprise) – Lauryn Hill Kali RAnks

This Reprise featuring Lauryn Hill has only recently been released and it drips with smooth honey filled vocals and beats. Taking us back to golden age 90s RnB, ‘A Perfect Match’ has been on repeat ever since discovering it!


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