Remixes that got it right

Remixes, sometimes they can be hit or miss, although when they’re a hit they almost threaten the existence of the original….or sometimes they’re just on par. Here are some of my fav lowkey remixes mostly found on YouTube or SoundCloud. Erykah Badu – Drama (Manuel Ricciardi Deep Mix) Erykah Badu is up there in my…

A mood: R&b Day time chill

Let me take you on a journey through my mind With mix of my daytime fav chill R&b tunes,  I like to listen to when I have a short break in my day, the smooth vocals and deep beats create a frequency to vibrate to, and chill for a moment.

Weekly vibes

It’s been a while but here we go again with this week’s tunes, this week we have a lot of alternative r&b jams to enjoy and listen to.

The overlooked power of Instrumentals

Just scrolling through a list of my saved songs on Spotify, I realised I have quite a few jazzy instrumentals that I enjoy listening to. For those who find that instrumentals help free thought or prefer background music, I’m here to share some songs which are full of substance without the overlay of lyrics. Sometimes…

Weekly Vibes

Another instalment of my weekly vibes, bringing new and old finds to your ears, happy listening.

A mood: Afro chill

Looking through my music playlists, I have realised that I listen to a lot of chill mood music; however they vary in style and genre and each category has a different chill vibe that essentially help you to relax, focus and wonder at any given moment. I want to walk you through these categories, the…

Weekly Vibes

This week’s weekly has a little Valentine’s day touch, including the usual songs from an array of genres for you keep consuming and exploring your taste in music as I do. Radio (refix) – Masego This refix of Nonso Amadi’s ‘Radio’ displays Masego’s ability to always deliver chill sultry tunes, collaborating with Juls on the…


Music is a vessel for entertainment, yet also sub/consciously educates us and influences the way we perceive society and our view of the world. Personally, I am very interested in how music makes me feel and the deeper meaning behind the songs I listen to. Now I know not all songs have a deeper meaning…

Weekly Vibes

More of my weekly vibes, this week we have a true mix across an array of genres and times. 

Music sampling: Where does it stem from?

Ever listen to a song and hear remnants of another song in it, if the answer is yes, this blog post will take you through couple songs and their samples. Throughout hip hop sampling has always existed, I find it  shows how old music continues to live on in newer forms. Also, music sampling displays…

Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ is another underrated rap artist, I was introduced to him through the freestyles he used to do on ‘Sway in the morning’ and ‘Hot 97’, and from there on I saw his true talen. He is a restless advocate for social change, and always conveys his strong sentiments through his music. The album ‘All -Amerikkkan Badass ‘ is a powerful impacting body of art, and as the Joey says himself the album is like ‘vegetables’ good for you, even though hard to swallow.

Weekly Vibes

It’s that time of the week again, tune in to my weekly vibes, including new releases and new finds from a range of genres and moods.


A collection of female artists in the grey space of alternative r&b with chill, intergalatic and soul vibes. This genre of music shows the future variations of r&b, and its a promising future. 

Weekly Vibes

New finds: The second instalment of weekly vibes, this week’s mix is a collection of mostly chilled out songs.