A mood: Early Hip Hop chill zone

Hip hop has taken on many shapes and forms in the last 40 years and we are going back to the early stages pf the era with a collection of chill songs and some new tunes that have captured the vibe of a time that went before. These old school tunes never get old for … Continue reading A mood: Early Hip Hop chill zone


A mood: R&b Day time chill

Let me take you on a journey through my mind With mix of my daytime fav chill R&b tunes,  I like to listen to when I have a short break in my day, the smooth vocals and deep beats create a frequency to vibrate to, and chill for a moment. Short story - mind mapping with music: … Continue reading A mood: R&b Day time chill

A mood: Afro chill

Looking through my music playlists, I have realised that I listen to a lot of chill mood music; however they vary in style and genre and each category has a different chill vibe that essentially help you to relax, focus and wonder at any given moment. I want to walk you through these categories, the … Continue reading A mood: Afro chill