Video appreciation post

It's all about the visuals!! There are some amazing videos out there, pieces of audio-visual art which leave you speechless, in awe and sometimes a little confused. Here are a couple of videos that I was inspired by. Energy - Sampa the great This compelling visual, transports the viewer to Sampa's creative abyss which … Continue reading Video appreciation post


A mood: Neo Soul zone

Going to Neo-Soul night at the Jazz Cafe early last week has really re-ignited the spark for the genre, similar to the first time discovered Neo-soul as a young 13 year old. Listening to 'On & On' by Erykah Badu on repeat, I cultivated a love for lyricism and spoken truths, different from the hum … Continue reading A mood: Neo Soul zone

The cure to musical boredom…

Everyone has experienced that time when your favourite songs you would always listen to lose their special spark. Initially the listening experience is amazing, there's nothing like the feeling of experiencing something for the first time, but as time passes the spark fades away. This effect of musical boredom arises in a number of ways; … Continue reading The cure to musical boredom…

Music: Political outcry

Music, the human portal of expressing happiness, discontent, fantasy, love ect. For centuries it has been used to express political discontent and motivate change. For a long time, mainstream music has censored the types of songs that address hard topics in fear of sparking debates and uprising, but what type of art form isn't meant … Continue reading Music: Political outcry