A mood: R&b Day time chill

Let me take you on a journey through my mind With mix of my daytime fav chill R&b tunes,  I like to listen to when I have a short break in my day, the smooth vocals and deep beats create a frequency to vibrate to, and chill for a moment.

Weekly vibes

It’s been a while but here we go again with this week’s tunes, this week we have a lot of alternative r&b jams to enjoy and listen to.

Weekly Vibes

Another instalment of my weekly vibes, bringing new and old finds to your ears, happy listening.

Weekly Vibes

It’s that time of the week again, tune in to my weekly vibes, including new releases and new finds from a range of genres and moods.

Weekly Vibes

New finds: The first instalment of my weekly vibes, keep up with my new finds every week, a mix of everything I like. Freaky – Santi I stumbled over Santi almost by mistake whilst scrolling on YouTube, and was introduced to  ‘Alte Cruise’, a new style of alternative Nigerian music and was instantly captured by…