What’s special about true artists?

Ever wonder if you are walking on the path you are called to and how to really level up to your own expectations for yourself? Pursuing your dreams involves riding a creative roller coaster in order to make them come alive. If music is sound that feels and something that shapes identity, allow it to … Continue reading What’s special about true artists?


Weekly vibes

We are back again with another weekly vibes, this week's weekly has an array of sounds from the past, present and future all that curate a timeless vibe. Jungle - Casio https://youtu.be/7nJRGARveVc Don't think that my love is goneIt's all up in your head now 'Casio' has a 80s feel good vibe to it showing … Continue reading Weekly vibes

Weekly Vibes

Another instalment of my weekly vibes, this week I introduce more new artsists to listen and add to your playlists. All picked from a mix of genres. Song 32 - Noname https://youtu.be/0a4PD4SwEAs Finally Noname makes a come back with song 32, the Chicago rapper is an underrated gem from the underground who is gaining more … Continue reading Weekly Vibes

Remixes that got it right

Remixes, sometimes they can be hit or miss, although when they're a hit they almost threaten the existence of the original....or sometimes they're just on par. Here are some of my fav lowkey remixes mostly found on YouTube or SoundCloud. Erykah Badu - Drama (Manuel Ricciardi Deep Mix) Erykah Badu is up there in my … Continue reading Remixes that got it right

The overlooked power of Instrumentals

Just scrolling through a list of my saved songs on Spotify, I realised I have quite a few jazzy instrumentals that I enjoy listening to. For those who find that instrumentals help free thought or prefer background music, I'm here to share some songs which are full of substance without the overlay of lyrics. Sometimes … Continue reading The overlooked power of Instrumentals