Weekly Vibes

This weekly vibes has an array of fresh finds, to discover and enjoy! A mix of soulful, Afro and alternative hip hop songs you didn't think you needed but do! A collection of the best of what my playlists looks like at the moment, happy listening. Sandstrom - Mereba ft JID https://youtu.be/KHqsrAPgjO0 Just fight the … Continue reading Weekly Vibes


Weekly vibes

We are back again with another weekly vibes, this week's weekly has an array of sounds from the past, present and future all that curate a timeless vibe. Jungle - Casio https://youtu.be/7nJRGARveVc Don't think that my love is goneIt's all up in your head now 'Casio' has a 80s feel good vibe to it showing … Continue reading Weekly vibes

Weekly vibes 6

Another instalment of my weekly vibes, bringing new and old finds to your ears, happy listening. Climax- Slum Village 'I want you right here in the world, being with you all alone is like dream come true' Taking it back to old school 90s soul-hip hop, Slum Village always deliver on quality, especially with 'Climax'. … Continue reading Weekly vibes 6

Weekly vibes 5

This week's weekly has a little Valentine's day touch, including the usual songs from an array of genres for you keep consuming and exploring your taste in music as I do. Radio (refix) - Masego This refix of Nonso Amadi's 'Radio' displays Masego's ability to always deliver chill sultry tunes, collaborating with Juls on the … Continue reading Weekly vibes 5

Weekly Vibes 4

More of my weekly vibes, this week we have a true mix across an array of genres and times.  BEAMLIGHT - Jay Prince We start off with the new and fresh. Jay Prince is an East London hip hop artist with a smooth flow, his new song 'BEAMLIGHT' off the album WONDER was released early … Continue reading Weekly Vibes 4